How To Stake $GEGE ?


1. Open

2. Buy $GEGE at SWAP.

3. SWAP interface.

4. Choose FROM with $OKT and TO with $GEGE (Select a Token and choose $GEGE).

5. When make an transaction, make sure dont go all in because you need some $OKT for fee transaction on OKEXchain network.

6. After that, click STAKE.

7. You will see your $GEGE balance at STAKE.

8. Fill your $GEGE then Click Approve for Staking.

9. Click Confirm to finish your transaction (Fee using $OKT).

10. Wait until your transaction approved by OKEXchain network.

11. After Approved, choose Max if want to Stake $GEGE all in, then click Deposit and then click Confirm.

12. Your $GEGE has been staking and became $XGEGE.

13. If you want to unstake, click Withdraw at $XGEGE panel.

14. Done