How to Join GEGESWAP.FINANCE Airdrop ?
There is an exclusive airdrop users using platform on OKEXchain network and succesfully claimed 100 OKT (testnet) free and staked $GEGE.
  • Users must claim 100 OKT.
  • Users are require to buy GEGE using OKT (testnet).
  • Users are require to do staking $GEGE to get $XGEGE.
  • Users who do STAKE and succes get $XGEGE will get $MGEGE.
  • Users who already have $MGEGE will get $GEGE (Mainnet).
Step by Step to join airdrop.
2. Copy your ETH Address on metamask with OKEXchain Testnet network. please read here
3. Paste your ETH Address wallet.
4. Click Confirm and fill capcha.
5. Click Confirm and wait until your 100 OKT.
  • Remember 1 Wallet only can claim 100 OKT once per 24 hours.
6. Congratulation your 100 OKT has been credited to your wallet on OKEXcahin testnet.
Last modified 8mo ago
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