How To Connect GEGESWAP.FINANCE Via Token Pocket
1. Download Token Pocket.
2. Install Token Pocket to your device.
3. Token Pocket interface.
4. Click Menu Me, then click Settings.
5. Click Nodes Setting.
6. Click Nodes Okexchain (Look at picture).
7. Click Discover.
8. Then, search OKtest
9. Then scroll until you find Gegeswap.Finance.
10. Click GegeSwap and click Select Wallet.
11. Choose Create Wallet or Import Wallet.
· Create Wallet if you dont have any wallet.
· Import Wallet if you have Wallet from Trust Wallet / Imtoken.
12. Lets start with Create Wallet.
13. Choose ETH network (Look at picture).
· Set Wallet Name
· Set Password 2x
· Set Password hint
· Click I have a read and agreed
· Click Create Wallet
14. Backup Wallet and click I Got it.
15. Backup Memorizing Word ( remember, save it ! ). Then click Completed Backup, Verify it now.
16. Then Verification Mnemonic.
17. After finished create new wallet, back to menu Discover and choose OKtest and open Gegeswap.Finance. then click I Got it.
18. Then it will be like this.
19. To buy $GEGE you must fill Smart Contract GEGE first.
20. Click I Understand.
21. Congratulation, you can make any transaction in now.
22. Done.
Last modified 8mo ago
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