Create OKEXchain wallet via Metamask
1. Open, then click Download Now. choose Chrome, and Install MetaMask for Chrome.
2. Click Add to Chrome, then Add Extension.
3. After finished, click Get Started.
4. Open your metamask and Create a New Wallet.
5. Click I Agree.
6. Create your password with minimum 8 characters.
7. After that, you will get secret backup phrase. Dont forget to copy and save it first.
8. Confirm your secret backup phrase.
9. Congratulations your wallet has been created.
10. Then for acces metamask, click metamask icon on your browser. Sometimes, metamask always showing Ethereum (ETH) as default setting.
11. Switch networks to OKEXchain for make any transaction in OKEXchain.
· Please read this articel How to Custom RPC Okexchain in Metamask
Last modified 8mo ago
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