What is Gegeswap.Finance?
🧿 Gegeswap ($GEGE) #OKexChain
✅ Gegeswap will launch in OkexChain which very safety, instant transaction and low fee.
✅ Gegeswap is rug-proof project because its selected by OkexChain among many testnet project.
🧿 Main Features 🧿 Rug-proof LaunchPad Get the access to private sale and presale high tier project in OkexChain.
Instan Lock Liquidity Lock $OKT token in second or launch your project with automated lock liquidity.
Team Token Lock and Vesting Lock your team token and create vesting schedule with your team.
Deep Smart Contract Check Tool Smart tools to check potential exploit and any vulnerability such as mint function, proxy and backdoors.
🧿 The $GEGE Token 🧿 $GEGE is native token for Gegeswap in OkexChain, user will require specific amount to join the private sale on Gegeswap platform and get $GEGE as the reward.
Advantage to hold $GEGE token:
✅ Get reward from the transaction fee.
✅ Stake $GEGE and get more reward from additional fee.
✅ Tax from liquidity mining will go to $GEGE holder.
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